OQ ranks?

just wondering how many DKP you need to rank up in OQ im a sword rank atm with 615 DKP. just wondering how many i need for Warlord>Silver dragon>Elite.
leadership rank is awarded as you achieve a certain number of victories while leading an oQueue group. there are three(3) types of leadership ranks, rank for regular bgs, rated bgs and pve content.

regular bgs
pt awards:
10m - 1 pt
15m - 2 pts
40m - 4 pts

rank levels:
knight - 100 pts
general - 500 pts
silver - 1000 pts
gold - 3500 pts

rated bgs

pt awards:
4 pts, only when facing opposite faction members

rank levels:
knight - 100 pts
general - 350 pts
silver - 750 pts
gold - 2000 pts

pt awards:
vary by difficulty.
awarded by killing appropriate level boss.
5 - 0.25
5h - 1
10 - 4
10h - 10
25 - 8
25h - 10
flex - 3
LFR - 2
challenge - 3
scenario - 1
secnario (heroic) - 2

rank levels:
knight - 400 pts
general - 2250 pts
silver - 5000 pts
gold - 12500 pts

by these numbers, leading a flex raid should award 14 x 3 or 42 pts in the 2-3 hrs it took to do the raid. this is roughly in line with doing 3 hrs of rbgs where you avg about 15 minutes per game; 3 hrs @ 4 pts * 4 games = 48 pts, but the caveat for rbgs being that you must face opposite faction. this would make rbgs rank up slower... but people can run bgs all day if they want, tho few would push passed cap. leading a 10man heroic raid would give you 14 bosses x 10pts or 140 pts for the run. the caveat being you can only run it once per week.

in pve, there seems to be a bug where points may not be awarded properly upon the death of the boss. as i'm not a pve'r, it's tough to determine the cause. if you'd like to help me figure this out, grab me some evening and drag me thru and we can try to find out what's up

I've been leading a lot of raids lately, many successful. My chat window always shows some number of DKP gained. However, I just reinstalled oQueue (for update) and now it is all reset to zero. Is that normal? (Is the data saved locally on my computer? Is there a way to save it across oQueue addon updates?)
I would recommend avoiding deleting your WTF folder when upadting oQueue.

Once you lose your win / loss data, there is no way to recover it.
Tiny, can you try to fix the raid leader bug? Apparently, the PvE Dkp system doesn't work always.

Also, which files determine whether the boss is successfully killed and registered to the leader's win? Is it oqueue_premade_info.qua?

I am not some programming expert, but if you explain the process and error...probably someone can help.

Thank you
I've actually nailed down the problem to this as well.
If you want me to show you my fix for the PvE system, Xellis#1604, or maybe talk in vent sometime?

I've actually nailed down the problem to this as well.
If you want me to show you my fix for the PvE system, Xellis#1604, or maybe talk in vent sometime?
if you have any fixes, please drop them on me and i'll see what i can do
I have figured out the problem. I will post in vent once I get time and you are online.
My fix is here. It's commented well enough to understand the few changes from report_boss_kill.

Yeah, as Xellis mentioned, skull elite (Level ??) return -1 level instead of some high level was the whole issue.

Besides, another is issue is that Bosses that don't die (Ex: Immerseus) won't register to kill.

I am looking into it but not a programmer by nature.
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