It's gone several weeks now...

Since the update 2.0.1 the major issue most of us suffer with the pre made not finding people. I decided to upload a 2min video( ) of my screen on youtube so you dev can tell me wtf I'm doing wrong here. I'm basically following the steps from this link

Ps. If any additional question about what I might have done feel free to reply. Also I found this post which I will try now to see, but most likely its going to be a no go.

I watched your video (+1 for making a thorough video!), and noticed some settings differences between the two characters.

There is also some wierdness going on, on your Horde I noticed you had a 0 - 0 connection, but were still seeing groups. This shouldn't be possible.

On your Alliance, I noticed you do not have "Auto join oQueue Channel" enabled. This needs to be enabled so that your toon will join the realm wide oQueue chat channel that the group information gets dumped into. When using this you also need to make sure you join at least one other chat channel like general, trade, etc. If You are not joined to a chat channel, oQueue will wait for you to join a channel before entering the oQueue channel. This is to prevent oQueue from accidently taking over /1.

On the bottom right hand corner you see your connection listed on your Alliance toon, you have a 0 -2 connection. That is almost non existant. Its best to have a 10 - 10 or better connection. Indicating you are connected to 10 Friends and 10 people on your realm. Joining oQueue channel and using the find mesh button are the ways to increase your connection.

I did notice you used the find mesh button, which is good. This will add people to your friends list to improve your connection. However I noticed you did not gain any friends when you pressed it on your Alliance toon. Due to not really being designed to do the things we are using it for, the find mesh button doesn't always work unfortunately.

I also noticed that you are running a UI mod, maybe ElvUI or TukUI, I would recommend disabling all other addons while troubleshooting oQueue. ElvUI has a auto accept group invitations setting which is none to interfere with joining oQueue groups. So its possible there are other friend request related functions that could be interfering. Also, if any addons you are running interact with whispers, theres a high possibility they will interfere with oQueue.

Ok, what have I done so far is what you said in the last sequence of the reply about disabling every add ons I possess to troubleshoot. In the beginning it seemed to work properly. (OQ that is) Names where flowing in and the board begun to fill up, so I decided to log out and turn on all the add-on I use. and as now the name still pours in at the moment which is a good sign. However I'm still concerned about my connection as being mention in sequence 2 of your reply. As said names are pouring in as I write this message with all the add ons I use, but the connection on the right bottom corner says only 0-1.

I will try let this go for the next few days to see how it goes otherwise, i'll return to sequence four trying to find what add-on is interfering. And speaking of Elvui's auto accept group. yeah I've disabled it. It is one reason why I get auto invite then kicked on spot, and I do not wish that. (when getting accepted from wait list)

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