How to install a World of Warcraft Addon - Windows

Hi aly,

In the vent you can get help from <<administrator>> ronburgundy, <<oq author>> tiny, or <<moderator>> fatbottom.

There is a channel at the top called oqueue support, jump in there and just say hey. One of us will drag you to a channel when we have a moment.
I followed this video and it didn't work for me to put OQ into my addons. It says it's there and all, but when I try to open it ingame, it says I'm still running version 1.6 something or other!
Sorry adorkable, i left out a step in the tutorial. You normally do not have to do this, but some people have more than 1 WoW install on their computer. It seems that this is the case for you aswell, which is why the addon is not "updating", you have the new version installed, just not in the correct WoW folder.

Here is how to find the correct folder:
What you probably need to do is, where you have your .ZIP folder, you need to double click that so you're in it and then it has another folder called 'oqueue' which isn't a .ZIP. Copy that folder into your WoW > Interface > AddOns folder and it should work. WoW can't open .zip folders and it didn't work when I extracted it so I experimented and this worked.
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