How to install a World of Warcraft Addon - Mac

for macs:

  1. click the link for the addon
  2. open zipfile and see single inner folder, do not drill in (* folder will have the same name as the addon)
  3. drag single folder onto your desktop (* remember where it is)
  4. open applications folder
  5. drill down into games / world of warcraft / interface / addons
  6. you should see all other addon folders
  7. drag the addon folder from #3 above into the addon folder
  8. you should now see the addon folder next to all the other addon folders
  9. restart your wow

Please note:

When you press download, the website "serves" you the file, your browser may then give you the option to open or save the file. Im guessing you are pressing Open, or your browser (probably safari) is configured to open the file. If given the option you need to "save as" this will save the .zip file. When you open the file in your browser, it "ruins" the file as safari, or your browser doesn't know how to open the zip file.

i need a video on you tube to show me how to do this right is that possible?
to do that, i would need a mac.  until i have one, a video won't be produced.  sorry.

please read the 9 steps above for further assistance
thank for you help brother
you are fast...XD
i tried the nine steps shows up in my addons but don't show up on re start in addons
I did the 9 steps also and am not getting in my addons. I have deleted it over and over and redownloaded and refollowed the steps but still nothing.
This doesn't work at all. Did all 9 steps exactly as listed.
yep certainly does not show up for macs
please make sure you are taking into consideration the information in this thread:
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