How to install a World of Warcraft Addon - Mac

Hi, I did the same thing and could not find it under interface > add ons... But I searched around and found that it's opened by a new button on the side of your minimap =)
Okay....its been on the side of the mini map first of made me giggle.
I have it in the add ons lsit on the character screen now, after making the Q capital and the old files deleted using the method tiny poste....I believe....
Yet I still cannot see any trace of oQueue in game, other then the CHARACTER SCREEN ADD ONS LIST.
All enabled and out of date enabled as well....
What gives. Mac User.
need my oquee back!

I click on the link to download the addon, and using Chrome it gives me the option to Open or Save. You may also choose Open. When the window opens to your freshly downloaded folders, highlight the folder(s), Right Click, and select Cut (don't close it, just in case). In a new window, locate your Wow game (mine is C:/Program Files (x86)/WorldofWarcraft/Interface/Addons) and then Right Click in the Addons folder margin and select Paste. If updating, it will ask you if you want to move/keep or move/replace the folders. Always Move and Replace to all items. This will move the folder to where your game is located so that you can use it. Most addons are started when the game is initially started, so you may need to exit all the way out of WoW (not just logout) and restart the game to see the update. The download folder you Cut the addon from should be empty, and can be closed. If it is not you may have forgotten to move part of the addon.

Much appreciated. However in the Mac its a slightly different directory structure. To make life alot easier (after you do it for the first time) Put a "shortcut" on the tool bar to the left within your finder. And have the shortcut of ADDON easier. (drag the Alias directory to your menu bar).

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