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  • GladiatorlosSA


    Introduction This is a special addon, it has no interface, but it can speak. It is SOUND ALERT addon leads you to become GLADIATOR, so having the name GladiatorlosSA. This addon will alert spells us

  • GladiatorlosSA_frFR


    Ceci est un plug-in de GladiatorlosSA et vous devez donc l'avoir installé pour pouvoir utiliser celui ci. Une fois fait, vous pouvez sélectionner les voix française dans les options ( /gsa ). Ce s

  • GarrisonJukeBox


    GarrisonJukeBox This addon lets you select (from the World of Warcraft embedded music files) a list of music that will either play inline or randomly while in one of the zones you selected in your zo

  • gxchat


    What is gxchat Gxchat is an addon that allows communication by means of a cross-realm chat common. Recently, with the arrival of the possibility to do cross-server raid and users's unavoidable drop,

  • GlanceStatusText


    GlanceStatusText is a lightweight extension to Blizzard's default unit frames. Its main feature allows for status text to be displayed as numerical values and percentages in a clean, concise manner. C