Game: World of Warcraft (6.2.4)
Updated: 03/25/16 11:01 am
Version: 1.0.1
Filename: _1.0.1.zip
MD5: f97e31e5ead0e02c6a2d49688adf9b0a
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Created: 03/25/16
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About gxchat

What is gxchat

Gxchat is an addon that allows communication by means of a cross-realm chat common. Recently, with the arrival of the possibility to do cross-server raid and users's unavoidable drop, they are increasingly the guilds that, for continuing to raid, must merge or cooperate with another guild, in some cases also with guilds of a different server !

An effective fusion and therefore the union under a single guild, usually tends to be slow or cause problems, this addon serves to unite the various guilds least on the chat, a first change for feeling united without be realy united.

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