Game: World of Warcraft (6.02)
Updated: 10/27/14 02:13 pm
Version: 6.1
MD5: 4732fc6f9b88b63e1a39cfe24b81dfd6
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Created: 09/11/14
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License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)

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About SoulSpeak

SoulSpeak is a small Ace3/LDB automatic chat/emote addon.
For time being warlocks only!

Current features;

Does a;
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote on Ritual of Souls & Ritual of Summoning.
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote incl. whisper to target for Soulstone Resurrection.
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote when summoning the warlock demon pets.

Events is split in party/raid/solo with more than 300 editable messages.

Support ,,,,,,,
Gender tags is NOT case sensitive, see what you type:)

Does a fixed or random emote when using the infamous Hearthstone:P
Events is split in morning, afternoon, evening and night.

And since we all are polite warlocks:P
Does a fixed or random emote to the person rez'ing you:)

How frequent SoulSpeak announces can be set in options.
Use hotkeys on minimap/LDB-panel, type /ss or bind a key for options.

Builtin support for multiple localizations, need translators!

French translation is complete. Thanks to cheremy16 & Kiala!
German translation is complete. Thanks to Royomunu!
Russian translation is complete. Thanks to Anisimml & Worondo!

Please assist translation @
If you got any cool quotes PM @

This is my first addon and previously I had no experience with LUA-scripting.
SoulSpeak came to life by using countless hours learning how others did it.
Thanks to all of you and thanks to the community!:)

Heartbreake @ deviantART made by KieairaKitty inspired by SoulSpeak :D

Lilih @ Defias Brotherhood (EU)