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Game: World of Warcraft (6.0.3)
Updated: 11/06/14 11:30 am
Version: v0.2-beta
MD5: 21a822cc6aa9ed0608f9192792d6e06a
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Total Downloads: 8
Created: 11/06/14
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License: MIT License
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About Comergy 2

A new version of Comergy and Comergy Redux rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of newer Blizzard APIs, Ace3, SM3, and have better support for all classes with easy* addition of third party modules. The goal is to have this addon up and running for the start of WoD. At the very least that would mean Energy, Mana, Combo points and Chi. With others soon to follow.

Looking for Beta Testers

Anyone interested in beta testing go ahead and download the latest beta build, and checkout the feature list for features that need testing. Please file tickets he...

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