Site Reskin

We've roled out (yet another) reskin of the site.

This change has been mostly cosmetic with some improvements to some backend code aswell, but should not introduce any issues or bugs. Along with the cosmetic changes, we are experimenting with response ad units from Google, and different ad placements so that advertisements are not over bearing as you browse. Along with the responsive ad units, and modified placements, we've implemented a fully responsive design, so the site should be more accessible on a wider range of devices and screen sizes.

To compliment the responsive design, we have utilized a full width layout on many pages, including many forums related pages. Due to the use of a full width layout, the pages lack a side bar and the forum 'widgets' which display recent posts, topics, etc, are missing from these pages. We are currently working on where the new home for these 'widgets' will be on select pages.

If you do come accross any issues, please contact us or post in the existing bug report thread.

If you would like to leave any comments on the changes, suggestions for improvements, etc, please post in the existing site suggestions thread.