Site Addition: Author Addon Management

I am pleased to announce that we have finished the first stages of our development to allow addon authors to upload, claim, and manage new and existing addons on SolidICE.

While we have a long list of additions and improvements which we are working on implementing, our current system offers the following features:

  • Submit a new addon
  • Claim an existing addon
  • Import an addon directly from curse
  • Upload new versions for your addons
  • Upload and manage images for your addons
  • View detailed download statistics, accurate up to the minute
  • Specific forum for each of your addons
  • Generate revenue through Google Adsense
  • Instant version sanitization, approval, and availability via Icebox and website

While some of these features listed above are the basic requirements for the system, we are excited to offer others such as the download statistics, Adsense settings, and instant availability of your addon and versions via icebox and the website. Distributing your addon through Icebox is quick and simple, as your users will immediately receive updates with no download limits or throttles.

For authors whom choose to submit Google Adsense information, we will display your ads on 50% of download pages for your addon. An increase to 75% of those pages can be arranged pending the acceptance of additional terms.

To access the Addon Author Dashboard, any user can navigate via the "My Addons" link on the main navigation, or via the "Author Dashboard" link through their user profile. The addon Author Dashboard also provides the same suite of functionalities as the existing user profile, along with those tailored towards addon authors.

Please let us know of any complication, suggestions, or thoughts on this addition.

If you are an addon author, and would like to see a feature implemented, or have an idea on how to improve a current feature, we would be very interested in working toward implementing those ideas.