Official subreddit /r/wow seemingly shut down for good

It would appear that the official reddit of World of Warcraft has been shut down for good and made private by the head moderator. This action seems to have been taken after 2 days of drama surrounding the head moderators inability to log into the game due to long ques.

Yesterday the subreddit was set to private for a number of hours, then re-opened. Today it seems the moderator has permanently set the subreddit to private leaving the following statement:

The World of Warcraft subreddit is no longer here. Please visit one of the fine new subreddits.

Original Tweet about the closure:

CM Zarhym has chimmed in the on the subject via Twitter numerous times:

A new avenue for WoW discussion may have been necessary regardless, as events were taking a turn for the nasty and worse, with the moderator threatening to ban a popular Twitch Streamer (Elvine) from the subreddit for expressing his opinion about the situation.

[Will update with twitter link if I find it]

Right now to fill the void of /r/wow several other subreddits have been created or become more popular.

That list includes but may not be limited to:



/r/realwow is declaring /r/worldofwarcraft the official World of Warcraft Subreddit


/r/wow is now back with a previous moderator as the new head mod