Would this work for EQ1

I am wondering if this program could keyclone eq1, there is a new TLP server where boxing Tools will be prohibited by their maker, mq2, isxeq etc...

I am looking for a program that will repeat on multiple computer the key i choose to press 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 will have some usefull little ingame macro that i want all my computer press when i press it on my main. i dont need it to clone my keyboard fully and neither my mouse movement.

Lets me know if this could work.


I also like to know 

i just got this program to box in EQ1, but i cant get it to work , it will launch eq 1, but the maximiser does not work , and it clones no keys what so ever. maybe i am doing something wrong , but i cant make it work


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