Why cant we update oqueue?

My gf plays alot of wow but the last 2 updated oqueues she hasnt been able to update them. she hasnt done anything out of the normal to update it and icebox doesnt seem to work for us. Is there a new way to update this that we dont know about? we use winrar to update and extract it ect just need to know whats going on with it.

What issues are you experiencing with Icebox? At the moment the Icebox server is offline. If there are other problems with its use we'd like to address them ASAP.

Updating oQueue is just like updating any other addon. When you donwload from SolidICE I would recommend selecting "Save As", if given the option. Or configuring your browser to always ask where to save downloads, rather than automatically opening them.

When your girlfriends tries to update what is the problem? Does the addon not load in game? Or does it load and lists and old version at the top? I

If the version at the top is old, that means the addon is not being place into the correct WoW folder. To find the correct WoW folder you can check this thread: http://solidice.com/forums/1/topic/where-is-wow-installedij

Some users have more than one WoW install on their computer, especially those whom have beta access, and placing the addon in the correct WoW folder is important.

Ok thank you so much been like a month of trying to get this working and it finally seemed to work. thanks for your help not sure what we did wrong but something wasnt quite working but all over know. Im happy with the fast reply must faster than blizzard :P

I'm happy you got it working :)

I cant get icebox to work either an error pops up then it says frozen waiting to connect to server. how am I sposed to get into any more raid if I cant freakin update oq if icbox isn't working please help me.

Hey tlloret0,

Are you unable to download oQueue normally from the site? Are you on a PC, or a Mac? What browser are you using?

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