oooh.. we now have siggies :)...


can we pls have a forum setting to disable showing signatures? when this is on maybe show only admin/mod sigs..

Should be doable.

I'm rushing to get something done by Tuesdays patch, so ill get on it next week. If I forget drop me a note :)

Tuesdays patch

WTF it is tuesday... working on green fire atm (literally) and i want to start punching babies... i better hurry up

I was kinda hoping they would wait a week or 2 after the pvp season /pout

Yah I woulda been okk with them putting it off alittle later haha.

Green fire done! Anyone know if alani mount is going to be in game still after patch/xpac? I have been sitting on 8 shards for like a year now and haven't mustered up the patience to go farming for the other 2.

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