Return of the raffles!

Im am excited to say that we have finally got the raffle system up and running once again!

First Ide like to apologize for the length of time they were down / inactive. We were seeing some really nice participation numbers and hope we can return to that trend.

If you head over to you will see that we have a weekly raffle posted. At this time you may not see the prizes listed, as we are working on a small bug, but hope to get those prizes listed ASAP. In the mean time I can tell you tha the prizes will most likely be 3 in game pets.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the return of the raffles, and would like to remind everyone that with more participation, we can run more raffles, with even bigger prizes! I am really itching to give away a mechanical gaming keyboard, or a nice pair of gaming headsets, but we can only do that if the #'s make sense, and participation continues to grow.

We also have a really special prize we are hoping to give away once the participation levels get to where they need to be. I am sure all WoW fans will be itching to get their hands on this thing, as it is truely EPIC.

Again apologies for the absence of the raffles, and I hope everyone has saved up lots of tickets :).



Waffles for everyone!

Can I have mini chocolate chips in mine please?

mmmm WAFFLES :D.


found a bug with the Raffle. I was able to add another ticket, after i already added 20 and had something like "You cant enter any more tickets" under Participation requirements. I tried to add another ticket (me and my curiosity ...) and now my tickets are decreased by 1 and it says "You can submit up to -1 more tickets."

Happy Bughunting

Need more participation in the raffle!


Ya I was able to do it too just now.

"You can submit up to -1 more tickets."

And I am short a ticket from my pool of tickets. I can't detmine though if I have 20 or 21 tickets entered since it doesn't say anywhere.

Should be better now.

Perfect. Tells you that you can't enter anymore and even if you try it doesn't take one away. :D

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