Real Human Skulls For sale

Real Human Skulls For sale

Real Human Skulls For sale

Classic skulls, TMJ skulls, transparent skulls, fetal skulls, painted skulls, anthropological skulls and animal skulls… whatever you need Active science parts has a skull to fit your requirements and your budget. Our skulls are cast in special plastics from natural or scientific specimen; then hand assembled and detailed to provide years of reliable service. live science parts skulls feature beautifully molded and spaced teeth and most can be disassembled into at least 3 parts: skull cap, base of skull and mandible. Buy Real Human Skulls for sale

3B Classic Skulls come in a basic skull model which is perfect for anatomy studies. For more detail try the Classic Numbered Skull which identifies all the important anatomical structures. Choose one of the world’s most sophisticated skulls from the BONElike™series. You will also find skulls with hand-painted muscle insertion and origin points, with an opened lower jaw, with masticatory muscles, on a cervical spine and a skull with a 5-part removable brain.

Specialty skulls include our 22-part didactic skull in natural bone color or with color-coded bone plates, half skulls, fetal skulls, and a dental skull with teeth for extraction. Our Anthropological and Zoological skulls are unlike anything else you’ve seen. From Sinanthropus to Orang-Outang to a real Horse skull we promise you will be impressed with the quality and value you receive with every 3B Skull.

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