oQueue cap friends list

So! Blizzard's having battle.net problems and it's duplicating our friends list so for example a friend: [Alex 1] [Alex 2] and [Alex 3]. Oqueue gave a message: you've exceeded the cap before the cap (144/98) removing Alex 1.

The problem is, I added Alex 1 myself. Not oqueue. It's removing my legit battle.net friends, and not oqueue mesh ones! Bug on both oqueue's and blizzard's end?

I do not work on the addon so I cannot say why It would remove the wrong people from your friends list, but my understanding is that if you add a note to any friends on your friends list, like "Don't remove", or "This is a random note", literally any note saying anything, oQueue will ignore that friend when it looks to remove oQueue added friends.

When it duplicates like that, log and log back in, they will be gone. I have seen it about 10 times now over the past several months. Some sort of issue with bnet.

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