oQue listing different groups on different comps. Version 2.0.1 on both.

My husband and I want to look for the same groups. For some reason, my oQue says there are roughly 300 premades to search. His computer says only about 50 premades. We've tried clearing his filters, unchecking "qualified", clicked "find mesh", and finally just reinstalled oQue. All of these changes and his oQue still is not showing the same groups as mine and he is showing many many less than me. What can we do to fix this?

Is he on the same realm and faction?

if the bnet connections are different, the groups can be different. even tho you both might have 5 bnet connections... they may be on different realms resulting in different streams of data.

the best way to insure seeing all premades would be to get 5-10 bnet connections

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