OQ keeps saying I don't meet level requirements when I do.

I apply for raids that say (example) 550 required item level. I'm 558. But when I click 'wait list' it says I don't meet the required level. I have even had raids that have a 0 level requirement say that. Some item level numbers looks reddish orange others are yellow. But doesn't seem to matter what color those are. Some let me join, some don't.

Am also still having the issue of raids appearing and disappearing from the feed constantly. sometimes faster than I can click them. Others, I do get to join the wait list, it disappears and if it comes back I am no longer on the wait list.

I have the time thing set to zero (/oq tz 0), my oq is up to date, I find mesh, reset all filters, have 'qualified" checked etc. My connection numbers are really high. yet these 2 problems keep persisting. The disappearing act has been happening since I installed oq months ago and taking the advice of Tiny on here it still didn't fix it.

Same here,

not qualified, If I look for the reason it says Raid lockout Immereus. Indeed I killed him but signing up for raids like galkaras which should be no problem. Sometimes it shows I can sign up but then clicking "wait list" won't work... And this is not by just one raid, almost aal signups tell me not qualified, mostly because of the immereus lock.

any ideas how to solve?

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