Oq bugged

i Oq and everything is fine, just 1 thing, i doesnt show any raids, battlegrounds, etc... nothing> says there is 0-0 premades going on. i have

deleted and reinstalled Oq at least 10 times and still the same thing.....................HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow 10 times, you are rather persistant :P

1 - is your bnet working?

2 - did you try hitting "find mesh"?

3 - on your chat tab are you in the channel called "oqchannel"?

yes, yes and yes. Oq is only way i raid now since my raid group broke up, and i need my Oq to find a raid, going nuts without it!!!!!

I will assume you just did this tonight so it should be v 1.9.9a

sooooo I got nothing

I'm sorry :(

Battle.net is bugging out right now. We are having a hard time keeping the score keeper online at the moment. Were not sure if its related to the recent issues / attacks on b.net but were working to stabalize / determine the issue.

Chances are it will just work itself out over the next few hours while we work on it :/.

those people attacking online games really need something better to do... like maybe playing some games or something lol >.<

  1. find premade tab
  2. click 'clear filters'
  3. look to lower right, connection.
  4. if connection is weak, click 'find mesh'
  5. go to setup tab
  6. lower right, find oQueue's GMT
  7. compare oQueue's GMT (date and time) to actual GMT
  8. correct your system time if necessary

working great, ty for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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