Not able to make reply's on any forum.

I had earlier topics having to do with number of groups listed in different oQ's. To answer Tiny, yes, we were trying to use "find mesh" but no, we never got a response in chat and the number of groups never improved. I will work on hubby's stuff today and try to figure it out. In response to Ron, I tried to leave a reply on my earlier post but once again, I was not able to. I don't receive any sort of error message. The box that you would type in is non-interactive. The only thing clickable is the Submit button, which of course tells me you have to have something in the chat area. I can't make reply's or leave answers on anyone else's posts and am only able to communicate if I leave a brand NEW TOPIC. Any ideas?

please jump into vent to communicate easier. : 4135 room 0

jade... can you try a private message to me... see if that works.

also, which browser are you using? (i'm assuming javascript is enabled)

btw, i noticed on IE there can be a warning box about unsecured content on the page.

until you accept the warning by clicking 'show all content', i think IE won't allow you to enter any text into edits on that page. i clicked it and was able to enter text into the field.

the odd thing seems to be with edits. I can ignore the warning and click 'edit' on one of my posts and I have access to the field.

Aha, you are correct! Ignoring the warning by choosing "show all content" does make the chat box interactive allowing me to leave a reply. It seems that little pop up with "show all content" is only on the screen for maybe 10 secs. so you have to refresh the page if you didn't click it in time. Well while IE may be a pain in my behind thanks for pointing out a solution!

Well while IE may be a pain in my behind thanks for pointing out a solution!

solution #2 --> firefox or chrome


^ What he said. I switched to firefox years ago and never looked back!

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