My laptop seems to have turned into a basket case.

So, Here's the gist of what's been going on. I was using my laptop (HP Touchsmart TXZ2) like you normally would when it hard froze, and I needed to turn it off by holding the power button. It turned back on, started to post, and then froze again while loading windows, I turned it off and back on again and the error lights started blinking.
Looking up the blink codes showed it had suffered from "BIOS corruption" somehow. Turning it off, completely unplugging everything, and waiting a bit yielded a complete post and windows loaded, then froze again a few hours later. Restarting it again gave a different blink code "BIOS Authentication Failure". I try to clear the CMOS by pulling the battery and holding the power button.
Restarting it yet again gave me a Memory Module, not functional code, swapped that out and tried again. This time it gave a CPU, not functional code.
Now I'm at my wit's end because if I just let the computer sit while turned off, it'll randomly work normally. It could work for an entire day, or freeze and give me inconsistent blink codes. A friend of mine in the tech industry said that the laptop motherboard may have gone bad, which is a possibility, but so far the only error code it has HASN'T given me is one saying the motherboard has gone bad.

TL;DR: Laptop can't decide if it wants to work, or freeze and give random error codes.

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