Keyclone issue with Wow Patch 6.0.2

Keyclone will load 5 wow clients but they don't load up in the window format I have. They're just a bunch or windows that are on top of each other and in the keyclone box, there are no detected wow clients.

Keyclone need an update or is there something I can do to fix it?

try changing the commands be launched

go to keyclone/setup/command-editor and for each command, manually edit the 'program' field to change 'wow.exe' to 'wow64.exe'

and of course, please make sure to run keyclone as admin (right-click/run-as-admin or set the advanced property on the shortcut)

Great thanks, that worked. Why was it working fine until the patch? Also, it seems to only put in one account name in all the boxes where as before, it was putting all 5 of my account names.

Thanks for your time!

Same issue but this did not work for me, I already had it as wow-64.exe. wow64.exe AND just wow.exe do not work, it simply ignores my second screen and stacks them bith on the main one. Please help, I need my twins!

Got it fixed...somehow lol. I'm such a comp nerd but never know how I fix things...

Glad it's working now. Mine is working but it keeps putting the same account in all the boxes for some reason. It was using all 5 of my accounts before but now it just does the same in all windows.

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