Keyclone doesn't work?

I can't find an official tutorial for this program and did my best by following a video on youtube, I'm trying to play two accounts at the same time. My understanding of this program is that it's supposed to have how many clients you need open & transfer button presses to all of them. So if I press the space bar on one, then all my characters will jump, right? It opens two clients, I put in my emails, passwords, select characters, but I've yet to see the program actually work. I party up, set the slave to follow & it's pretty much like me playing on two different computers, with the one I'm not actively playing standing around like a retard. I really need to figure this thing out, considering I've already wasted money on it. Help?

G'morning NB,

sorry for the delayed response... i've been face down coding all weekend.

yes, you can use keyclone to run / operate multiple wows at the same time. there might be some configuration thing that's a bit off... easiest way to resolve would be in vent or via phone.

i'll try to be online in vent today (monday) in the afternoon (going to fall down for a few hours now). jump in and drop me a note... when i see it we'll get you sorted out.

vent: : 4135 room 0

talk to you soon,


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