IceBox trashes my internet conection

I'm running IceBox on an AMD FX 8350, 8GB DDR3, W7 64, with a 6GB DSL conection, and when IceBox tries to update it completely trashes my conection at 99%, not allowing me even to log into my modem until I stop IceBox.exe process.

Any ideas about what the problem may be?

What version of icebox do you have downloaded now?

This is certainly something we will want to look into. However for the time being, does the issue occur with the latest version on the site 0.1.3?

It's IceBox 0.1.2, and as it tries to update itself to 0.1.3, when it reaches 99%, it eats up my internet conection for good. As I said, it doesn't even allow me to open my modem configuration page (, nor -of course- browse to any other website, and not one single application can go online. It also denies the posibility for another device to access my modem through wi-fi.

So, to sum up, it kinda "shuts down" my modem

Apologies for the complications Suej.

You should be able to pull down 0.1.3 manually from .

We will certainly want to checkout and resolve whatever the problem is with 0.1.2 and trying to update itself on your system, but for the time being, updating 0.1.3 manually may get you back up and running.

Can't believe I was that stupid not to think of a manual update. Thanks for the idea :P In my defense, it's Sunday.

Hope you can solve the issue anyway, and keep up the good work ;)

No worries :).

Please let us know if 0.1.3 gives you any issues.

0.1.3 works perfectly :)

Wohoo :D! That's great to hear.

Thank you for coming back and letting us know :).

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