How do you get more bnet connections?

I tried to post this question in my other thread but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I had asked why my husband and I are seeing different oQ groups making it harder to find something to run together. In answer to Ron's question, yes we are on the same server and faction. Tiny said to get more bnet connections but I'm not sure how to do this.

To increase your bnet connection you can use the find mesh button. The find mesh button will attempt to add 3 - 5 oQueue enabled users to your friends list.

You will also want to check the setup tab and make sure you have "Auto join oQueue channel" selected.

I tried to post this question in my other thread but for some reason it wouldn't let me.

What exactly happened? Did the form just not submit? Or did you get an error message?

when you hit the find-mesh button, you're sending a bnet friend request to the scorekeeper containing a note asking for 6 btags active within the last hour. the scorekeeper will decline your friend request, process then note, then send you a friend request with the response attached. you'll then receive the friend request, decline it, process the note, and send out a friend request for each btag you received.

when you receive the initial response from the scorekeeper, you'll see a note in the chat area (find mesh response received). if you don't see that within 5-10 seconds of hitting the find-mesh button, then blizzard has either failed to deliver the request to the scorekeeper or failed to deliver the response to you.

if you do see the response, yet get no connections, that is possible as some of the people may have logged off within the last hour.

of course, please make sure you do not have OQSK on your ignore list

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