Gamer hardware raffle for next week

Starting next week, we will be introducing the next level of raffles. These raffles will be for real-world things and not just in-game items. They will use the next level in raffle currency known as raffle tokens. Raffle tokens will be used for the hardware raffles and you may enter multiple tokens per raffle to increase your odds.. You will have 2 ways to get a raffle token; for every 10 raffle tickets you play in another raffle you will receive a raffle token or you can simply exchange 10 raffle tickets for 1 raffle token.

Here are the two items that will be available as prizes on the next raffle:

We may also offer 2x game cards as an in-game item as the third option

Any feedback or suggestions for raffle items is most welcome.

I like the idea of game time, as for someone who plays constantly but doesn't have use for gaming hardware it is a good choice. I would be nice if I won and got the mouse for my husband but he has already returned about 20 gaming mice in search of a new one so I am almost certain he won't like it hahaha. Never knew people were so particular about their mice!

Can't wait, as now I have a way to blow some of these tickets lol. Any idea on how many tokens or unlimited?

oohh.. a mouse.. i claim dibs on that :)

my current mouse is falling apart poor thing... 2 times now i had to break out the soldering iron and fix its cord... soon i think i'll have to perform the 3rd surgery on it.

5 years old and the 3000 dpi laser is still as precise as the day i got it. :)

You sound like my husband, he has performed "surgery" on his dying mouse several times now lol.

I like plain $15 mice haha (yes I am a baddie clicker but I am as pro at it as you can possibly get! lol)

Might I suggest taking out the raffle tokens being awarded when entering tickets? I think it should be convert only to obtain personally - you enter some raffles for in-game stuff or you enter some raffles for some sweet hardware, but not both.

Why would you not be able to enter both? Besides, they never have more than 2 raffles running at the same time.

i wanted to give something to the users for participating in our raffles as only one would actually win.

this would give everyone a chance at another larger prize.

Any chance you could lower the participation requirement for the raffles? They seem to be taking a long time to fill up - I've not been looking at the others but the hardware one seems to have barely moved in days.

the hardware raffle was started on sep 25th @ 3:22a ET... about 3 days ago.

spreading the word would help it reach the requirement faster

Really, only 3 days? My mistake, I thought it has been on a lot longer than that.

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