downloading Oque

I,m able to get the new folder into my add on folder.I paste the new file,it goes thru the process of duplicating same files with new ones.What do I do next?

are you on windows or a Mac?

if windows, have you tried using icebox?

I,m on windows,I,ve downloaded icebox and it shows installed and updated but when I log into wow it still shows 1.9.7

sounds like you have an unusual wow folder location.

look at the bottom of icebox, you'll see the folder it's updating. is that correct? if not, you might have multiple wow installs.

let me know if that is the case

Its trying to run 0.0.9,

In the above image, outlined in red, is where Icebox has located my WoW install. What does yours say?

My window shows nothing there.The bottom has everything except that.Thanks for that snapshot.I was looking everywhere for something.It has nothing before and after I update.

Ooooh. Yah thats a problem. If Icebox can't find your WoW, Tiny will have to get with you and determine why it can't find it, so we can account for this situation in the future.

Ok! I,ll be back later tonight!!Thanks for helping!

hmmm... it should've asked for the folder if it didn't find one.

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