Do Intel processors fluctuate as much as AMD processors?

I've built Intel processors 3800x and 3600 AMD processors machines. Both of them have wide fluctuations in usage/temperatures from simple things like just moving the mouse. It causes the temps to bump from 40c to 60c in a fraction of a second which causes the fans to bump up and subside every few seconds. It drives me insane.

It seems the solution is to either have the fans going constantly to keep temps low, or to increase the threshold which allows the CPU to get hotter. I don't like either solution.

I'm coming from a 4690s where the CPU stays in the cool 30s unless doing very demanding tasks where it boosts into the 50s and stays there until I'm finished. It seems this is normal behavior.

I'm looking to upgrade, but I really don't want this new Ryzen like behavior with my CPU. Does Intel do this as well? Am I just stuck living with that?

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