Do Heroic Scenarios and Heroic Dungeons earn progress towards Raffle Tickets?

My raffle ticket progress got to 98%...I figured it would be easy to get the other 2% before bed. I completed a Heroic Scene and was still sitting at 98%. So I thought, maybe its not Scenarios that count and I did a regular 5 man Heroic dungeon. Still stuck at 98% before I get a ticket. I checked armory and I'm updated so what's the deal? First, I don't get the single ticket just for signing up and now I can't even earn a ticket? Are these dungeons not calculated towards Raffle ticket progress? I read on the other forum posts that they are suppose to count but is it just Raid bosses that count?

Hey jade.

Sorry about the free ticket. This functionality was disabled and the information in the forum post was outdated. I will be re enabling the free ticket in the future and will be giving a free ticket to everyone who registered since we re enabled the raffles.

5 Player dungeons do not currently give credit. I will update the raffle information post with a more complete list of what gives credit.

**You can now find a more complete list of what awards points in this thread on the second post:

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