confused on how to use chat

in re: warcraft oque

I see chat spam with people talking all the time, asking things and I cant click to answer and cant figure out how to send a whisper directly since its cross server.

What am I missing? O.o

there is no x-server chat in oQueue... or anywhere

if you see something in your chat area, those are announcements for premades fitting the current filters. most people turn that off (setup tab, right side)

you can bring up oQueue by clicking the minimap, using the keybind, or by typing /oq

nce you bring it up, you'll most likely be on the 'find premade' tab. on that tab, there are numerous filters and sorts to help narrow your search. two of the primary options would be checking the 'qualified' checkbox in the lower left and then selecting the type of group you're looking for in the bottom center by pulling down the list next to 'all premades'. you can then sort what you're looking at by clicking the column headings, toggling ascending to descending. the most powerful filter can be found by clicking the spyglass icon in the upper left (5th icon). using this, you can create numerous expressions to find exactly what you're looking for.

if you'd like more info on the spyglass search options, just ask.

i hope that helps

technically there is cross-realm chat sometimes... but you need to be in a cross-realm premade and in a cross-realm zone.

then the /general chat of the area you're in will belong to the realm that you transferred to for the premade. I see this all the time in pandaria, usually either in the Shrine zones or on timeless island.

thank you both

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