Bug with SolidICE Website


i have a bug with SolidICE website :

1 : https://i.imgur.com/V5VsOL0.png
2 : https://i.imgur.com/Yn8H6gJ.png

Can you fix it ?


Hi TrAsHeR,

Is the issue that the layout is too wide for your monitor? or that the Background image does not cover the entire area?

We unfortunately are not using a responsive design so the site is the same width on all sized devices. Something ide like to change.

Responsive design is pretty cool stuff, I worked on that for a website once.

Make sure IE9 doesn't send you back to a compatibility mode.

In CSS, @media is your friend. You'll want to use @viewport to ensure mobile devices don't treat it as a full page. In HTML, there's a meta name="viewport" that does it as well.

There's a special type of link you can use to set the icon for Android and iOS users who add the page to the home screen.

jQuery has some very cool stuff you can use.

Firefox has some pretty cool tools for debugging the page and testing it at various sizes.

Definitely test the pages on a variety of devices.

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