Bad Install?

I download the file to install and then when i do it freezes and says in the window "waiting for server response" ... is this a know bug or something that I cant finish the install for the icebox?

Hey Tez, Icebox is a single file so there is not really any "Install" that needs to happen. When you start the application it will need to connect to the server and retrieve the list of addons. It seems to be hanging on that process.

What operating system are your running?

I just started my Icebox, and mine is also stuck on the "Waiting for server response" screen aswell. I haven'y spoken to tiny tonight, he may be working on it.

Either way we'll get it sorted out ASAP!

Apologies for any inconvenience.

np man and yea thats exactly what its doing. said stuck all day yesterday and i havent tried it today. I am using windows 7 btw so i didnt think i would have any issues from reading the posts.

The problem was on our end. We had brought the server down to do an update and it hadn't come back up.

Should be resolved now.

Let me know if you have any other issues!


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