pass-mouse-click hotkey not actually passing any clicks (WoW Classic)

Trying to use the pass-mouse-click hotkey (one of the many tasty features I missed out on as a former hardware boxer), but while the "glove" appears when keyclone "clicks" on each window, no actual click seems to be passed (no spell is cast and targeting reticle remains).

I've got a macro that's basically:

/script SetView("4");SetView("4")
/stopmacro [channeling]
/cast !Blizzard

Repro steps: press my pass-mouse-click hotkey, press the macro, and then click the mouse.

I've also tried pressing the macro before the pass-mouse-click hotkey, and trying it with and without "one-click then off".

I downloaded the v1.9m beta from another forum post and was able to repro it there as well. Thought I should bring it to your attention. ;)

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