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Do you have any newer instructions because I am getting something weird.  I am trying to dualbox wow after several years and after getting through the license question I get very odd results.  In command editor I have wow1 set to region 1.1, wow2 set to region 1.2.  In maximizer I have display 1 split in half vertically.  I also have the game setup to have a windowed screen.  

When I click connect I get a wow logon screen about 90% of the screen.and then a white window with a button that says 'OK' in it on the left half.  Then over that I get a second wow logon screen about 90% of the overall screen and over that I get another white window with a button in it that says 'OK' now on the right half of the screen.

The keyclone box says wow1     kmap(r1.)

                                      wow2     kmap(r2.)

If I click either of the buttons marked 'ok' one of the sessions closes and is removed from the keyclone screen.

Any ideas?


I'm having the same problem as well

I have the same problem, how to solve

try the beta i've been playing on:

Now it works correctly. thanks.

Hey Tiny! It's Porph! Yeah man from all those years back! Hope you are awesome bud! Hey, I just downloaded Keyclone again, purchased a new license too..why not man! Okay, I cannot get it to work. So here is what I have done: Uninstalled the primary downloaded version based on downloading the beta version as suggested above. Nothing doing. I am not technologically advanced man haha. The 2 accounts I am running are not the same btag. Does this make a difference? I have spent some time on this, and am at my wit's end man. Also hey, with love and respect, the setup wizard is antiquainted...seems the same as it was 7 years ago...but then, somehow, I did get it to work. Okay bud, sure would love some help soon! Super awesome to think of you today bud!!

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