Maximizer problem

Hi Tiny, and Hi all,

With my time difference i can't get trought to you on ventrilo...

So i post another thing here maybe you will be able to help me cause until now i still not be able to play:(.

Here is my problem check the photo :

Another thing is i found by searching the net a way to share my process on my computer because i strongly believe this is related... here a paste using isboxer sorry only way for me to paste it otherwise i don't know how to do. :).

on the photo i show only 2 windows but i want to launch 5 of them. anyhow this is same problem.

Thank you for your answer.


try changing the command from launching wow.exe to wow-64.exe ... that should allow keyclone to find the process.

about a year ago, blizz changed what happens when you run the 32bit version of wow on a 64bit machine. once detected, the 32bit version would run the 64bit in its place and then exit. this leaves keyclone with nothing to maximize as the original process is gone.

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