Maximizer not working after 3/10/2020 Wow classic Patch



I'm running keyclone v1.9o and maximizer is no longer working after the Wow classic patch yesterday.  Each of the 3 windows gives an unexpected error and forces me to close all three windows.  Looking at the errors is an ACCESS_VIOLATION error and it references a location in memory and says it can't be read. 

Please let me know if you need more details.


Thank you

Experiencing the same issue, WoW will not work after the latest update. Any help would be greatly appeciated!

Same here thought it was just me lol been buggin. Tried  doing everything to try and fix but not working just spent 20 bucks on march 4 and now it does not work rip. hope someone will patch soon or will have to find a new program and rip the $.

I posted on the discord channel and got a reply from another member.  For now you can manually start the instances and resize the windows and manually add them.


Tiny hasn't responded yet but I'm not sure how active he is.  Based on the conversations in discord, he seems eager to continue support for Keyclone so I'm hoping a fix is coming soon.

hey guys,

i was working thru the issue today and it looks like the problem is on blizzards side.  seems the crash happens when i post a wm_size message to the classic window, but before it has logged in.  the crash points to referencing a memory address of 0xffffffffffff ... which is usually an uninitialized pointer or member variable.

i was able to reach out to a friend @ blizzard and he's going to see if they'll look into it.  hopefully they can spot the bug quickly and push a patch for the following tuesday update.

if not i'll have to rework the maximize section. 

until then, it looks like the work around is to log into your wow accounts then maximize the clients.

if anyone has anything else, please feel free to drop me a note.



i'm usually on discord during the day and pop in & out of the solid ice discord channel answering posted questions and chatting with any that need a hand.  the discord info should be on the contact page at the bottom of the site.


Thanks for the response Tiny.  It looks like they patched it today.  It's working fine here now.

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