Looking for a trial

Hoping to get a demo or trial to confirm if will work on wurm.

G'morning Ramsaint.

No problem. I've created a keyclone trial for you associated with your email address. Just dnload, install and run keyclone. When you see the expired message, click the transfer button, enter your email address, check your email, click the link, select the trial license, hit transfer on the page, and restart your keyclone. if you do not see the email within a minute, please check your spam, junk or trash folders.

btw, to use keyclone for wurm (which i hadn't heard of), you will have to manually add each game window to keyclone for it to manage. just log into your games, then click the 'add' button on keyclone and click the middle of the game window. repeat for each game. once they are added to keyclone, any key you press should be relayed to the other windows.

if you need some help, please let me know and i'll jump into vent.

have a great day,


Thanks will have a look this weekend

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