Tried to get it to transfer to my new pc. Keeps telling me that and I've check my whole email trying to get it working

Once you press the transfer button you should receive a email with instruction. We are looking into any issues which may be preventing the email from being sent.

Thank you for your patience.

Yah I didn't get one thats cool hope yall get it fixed soon

when you see the message that your request has been processed, an email is sent at that moment. you should receive it within 5-30 seconds. if not, please check your spam, junk or trash folders. if your email provider has spam blocking, you may want to white-list

please let us know if you're still having issues.

You're whitelisted no emails have been gotten at all. Just retried it still isn't working.I've also sent e-mails to yall with nothing back

where do you send emails? the way to contact us is either in-game, in-site mail (address it to me), vent, or you could call.

if you received the positive response, the email is sent. if you don't see it within 15-30 seconds, check your spam, junk or trash folders.

Says every time I get this after I click transfer.

There is no emails being sent to me on my email account, I've white listed emails from this domain.

enter YOUR email address, the address associated w/ your license. it would be the email associated with your paypal when you first got your license.

Been doing that I've had this same e-mail and paypal used with it for years.

please PM me, via the in-site mail, the email address you believe is associated with your license

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