License has expired

I recently purchase keyclone v1.9i on june 15th. It is now the 21st and it says my license is no good, is it really only good for a few days ?
I'm getting the same, I even purchased a new licence and it isn't working - error from their end
My keyclone stopped working and says license expired. I don't understand why keyclone would ever say this if you have not switched computers, once working it should always work. I don't see any reason why it needs to talk to the mother ship. Other than looking for updates, what is it doing? If it is constantly looking to see if your copy is paid for, that is a waste of bandwidth and will cause problems like what is going on now.

I don't like that I paid for copies and they periodically decide to stop working. Once paid for it should NEVER give a license expired error unless you install it on a new computer. If it is dependant on an authentication server, what happens when that server goes down? If that is what's going on the system needs to be changed. Our keyclone copies should always work once they are paid for and should only require communication with the authentication server if you install on a new computer or want to check for an update.


Tiny replied to my PM and said the servers are down. He's on the phone trying to get the situation fixed. Once the server is fixed, we should be able to use our keyclones.

Tiny My name is (snip) and i'm getting LICENSE HAS EXPIRED ID Key (snip) its been 3years since i played WOW and would like to 3 box again if you check your records you'll see i have 3 copys of your software.

@gvarnador please check your PM

keyclone license has expired ???

DJ Jake,

My is showing as expired to today so it looks like they have a licensing issue.

I didn't mean to post to an old thread but I saw DJ Jake's post so I thought I would let him/her know they are not the only one getting the error.

the keyclone license server is back online. sorry about that.

everything should be in order now

scusate io ho scaricato la nuova versio ma come faccio a fare il setup mi chiede il server proxy chiedo aiuto

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