Did Keyclone just get discontinued silently with no mention to anyone? My license no longer works, and others have mentioned that Keyclone is no longer even on the site?
working fine for me. net glitch?
Is the license check done by IP instead of a hardware address or something? I have several VPNs depending on what I'm doing. :/
Who would I contact to get in touch to resolve this issue?
if your license has expired, click the transfer button to transfer your license to the new system-id

if you don't receive the email within 30 seconds, please check your spam, junk or trash folders
Why are we required to transfer a license? I purchased a lifetime license so I shouldn't be required to constantly transfer or re-check. Since every anti-virus company has this program blocked for obvious reasons. I am not comfortable over riding my firewall so I can verifiy my license that I have already done several times in the past. The license should only have to be "re-checked" when it is reinstalled and not on EVERY BOOT UP. I have even tried to contact the creator with the email he provided ( in the folder for help and I have yet to get a responce.
that's just how it works.

unless you're ok with a single machine, non-transferrable license.

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