Keyclone Transfer not recieving emails

Im trying to transer my license

I click transfer license, i enter my PP details, and it says sucessful.
however i dont recieve the email.

I have already whitelisted and
I've tried sending an email to but recieved a bounce saying the account does not exist.

Any help avalible?
when you see the 'successful' message, the email is sent immediately at that time.

please check your spam, junk or trash folders. also, if you're using any spam filters, you may have whitelist
I just spoke to my Domain Hosts and they had this in reply (as i stated i already whitelisted

Dear *******,

Although you have whitelisted them in strike, the MX records on the public DNS for the remote domain are setup incorrectly as per RFC 1035.


This will cause widespread problems for them sending to other ISP's, including Krystal because our endpoint servers will not accept mail origination from such hosts, regardless the StriKe whitelist settings.

Please notify their system administrator if possible.

so in the future ill be unable to ever recieve emails from solid ice on my paypal address?
how can this be sorted?
any way we can sort this out?
maybe i can have the reply sent to another address? just not my paypal one?
i don't know why your host is having issues with the A record.

you could also try white listing the A record:
I cant add ip address to the whitelist (needs to be a valid email address)
i went back to my host and asked if there was anything i can do, and they replied with:

02 Jul 18:39

So there's nothing I can do?

02 Jul 19:23

Dear ****,

The simple fix is that solidice set a DNS A record of say to point to IP, they can then edit their MX record to then point to as opposed to an IP address.

Kind Regards,

from the looks of that, my host rejects mails from "just ip addresses" but would accept one from, like i said, i dont mind moving my license to another email address (hotmail/gmail or something we know does work) if that would be easier on your end.

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