Keyclone Transfer emails are not sending

I have 4 licences for keyclone on the desktops and laptop the family uses, and periodically one of them will suddenly decide its System ID Key is not what it used to be.   Usually this isn't much fuss, click on the transfer button and almost instantly the transfer email is sent.   Today - no emails.   

For me, there is two problems to ask for solving - first is to fix the email transfer thing (the activation email from the forum came through immediately, but the keyclone transfer(s) have still not arrived)

Second is the System ID Keys - I am not sure why keyclone decides that the computer or laptop is not what it used to be.   I can understand if I ripped out its guts and added more RAM or a SSD or some other computer life changing event, then I'd expect a new System ID Key, but it seems it does it arbitrarily and without warning.

I have already updated to the latest revision of keyclone from the site (1.9i.4)


Finally - love the product - have for a good many years now and would like to for a good many more - Cheers!

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