I hope to solve it quickly. Can I buy without an account?

How long can the Keyclone software charge once or for life? Do you have any detailed instructions on how to use it? I am a WOW player. It is not the first time to use it. It is better to have instructions. Thank you.I don't know how to become a member

Greetings loveyushao,

To answer some of your questions:

  • Keyclone is currently a one time purchase of $20 USD.
    • After you download and run Keyclone you will be prompted to purchase a license using Paypal. Your purchase will be associated with your PayPal email.
  • We do not currently have a setup guide for Keyclone (apologies!), however, there are a few resources and guides around the net that can be found via Google.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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