How can I put a delay when launching clients.

Rob helped me with this before but I don't remember what he did.  Basically I am running an older game and if I fire all 6 clients at the same time it crashes.  So I have to manually fire all 6 clients then add them after the fact.  In the past Rob told me some way to cause a delay.  I am not sure if I was somehting like game1;pause;game2;pause or if it was something after the short cut like c:\user\exe\pause something of that nature.  I think whatever it was it was actually built into Keyclone.
if you're using keyclone, it will normally launch your wows one at a time.

if you're using a batch file, try using 'sleep 10' or 'timeout 10' between each line (depends on your OS)
Yeah I am using keyclone it does luanch them one at a time but there is something in the startup of this older game that if you launch another instance of the game and you are not logged into the first instance the game crashes.  So like in WOW I would launch and once they were all up I would use keyclone to enter my passwords and they would all login.  With this game you have to have each client logged all the way in before firing up the next client.  I googled batch files and made one basically /start "path" .exe /timeout /t 30 and it works like a charm.  Then I have keyclone do the auto add. 

I had this same issue in the past though and I used keyclone to launch each client with a 30 second delay.  You helped me set it up.  Did the older versions used to have some type of delay?  Like your command line is game1;some type of pause command here;game 2; etc
there is a variable time delay before triggering any commands, but there is no variable delay between each command that i can see.
Thanks for the time.  :) The batch file is working good.
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