Error Installing Keyclone Windows 8

When I try to run the download file keyclone_1.9i.exe I get the message that it is not compatible with my version of windows. I am running Windows 8 (64 bit) on a Toshiba Qosmio laptop. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
i am having the same issue. It has to do with the installer - I know from some other posts that it will work. Some people have right clicked on the file and used the compatibility test option. It did not work for me. I have been using keyclone for years and have a couple licenses. Had I known that it wasn't going to work, I would have stayed on windows 7. I just tried IS Boxer and its way too complicated. I'm going to try the phone number listed on the site.
sorry if i missed your call. been buried with icebox and the next version of oQueue

i don't have win8 (omg never) ... and was unaware of any issue.

is the problem just the winzip self extractor? does the keyclone binary run fine on win8 once unzipped?

btw, if i ever get done w/ icebox and move on... keyclone 2.0 is on the list (tho blizz killing boxing in AV sort of killed my desire). i was about half way there but the number of options to redevelopment under the config is a bit crazy. my work w/ icebox has allowed me to make many reusable components that would be handy in kc2.0. we'll see how things pan out.

I get the error when trying to run the self-extracting file. The message is, "it's not compatible" and it stops. There is no install or extraction.

PS: Tiny, enjoy a Win8 free life while you can. I bought a new laptop from toshiba (never again) - it came with Win8 and I tried to put Win7 on it...I found out that the hardware was not compatible with win7 (missing a lot of drivers).
on the upside, msft understands how badly they've face planted and are pushing to get 9.0 closer to 7s ui
I'm going to call in a bit. The self extractor won't run. I had read somewhere where someone had used the compatibility wizard to get it to install and it worked fine - just led me to believe it was the delivery mechanism. I'm using 8.1, not sure if that matters... I have it on my laptop and it works fine. I was going to copy the files onto a thumb drive and copy the files over and see if I could get it to work. I'm sure it won't since it isn't "installed" - registry and all that...

BTW, thanks for the support. I have actually talked with you quite a bit a couple years ago when having issues with licenses as I used different internet connections. You have always been super helpful. OQ is awesome too... use it all the time..

Anything we can do to try to install would be super...
so, I copied the keyclone director off my windows 7 laptop and installed it on my windows 8 machine. ran the executable and it immediately asked me to update my license. I hit transfer, put in my email - the transfer worked fine. I was able to load up my two accounts and all the settings were there... works like always - so it is definitely the self extractor that windows 8 doesn't like. The software and license transfer works fine.

Ignore my message I left on your phone... All is well with the world.

once things have settled down a bit (and i can get more then 4 hrs of sleep), i'll put keyclone on icebox. there'll have to be some re-work for where apps install compared to addons... so we'll see

glad to hear you got it working
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