Diablo 3 Keyclone help please.

Hello all,

I've recently picked up Keyclone for use while Dual-Boxing Diablo 3. I currently have the program setup to launch both copies of Diablo 3 but I can't figure out how to make my keystrokes and mouse clicking effect both windows at once. I'm trying to make it so I can control both applications at the same time as I've seen done on youtube. Would anyone be willing to offer some assistance? Thanks in advance!

this is why i cant get myself to buy this.. no help for this guy!! plus everything i read online indicates keyclone is not good for diablo 3..

Hi Exorcist.

Keyclone was certainly not developed with Diablo 3 in mind, however if you'd like you can contact tiny and set up a trial license to give it a try.

Using the envelope icon in the top right of tiny's profile will open a new private message with tiny.

also keep in mind many people will have their questions answered either in vent or by calling.

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