Could i get a trial? :)

Hi tiny, i was wondering if i could get a trial, i really wanna check how Keyclone works before buying it. :)

no problem. i've created a trial license... just download, install and run keyclone. when you see the 'expired' message, click transfer, enter the email associated with your account here, check your email, click the link, transfer the license and restart your keyclone.

if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note.

g'luck and have fun,


Hi! I am wanna check how Keyclone works before buying it too!

Give me trial pls!

no problem, ServiceEng. just follow the instructions above to claim your license

if you'd like a walk through on setting up, just let me know and i'll hop in vent

Need help to setup Keyclone for EVE Online :(

remember it's KEYclone. can you do everything in eve with key commands/ macros?

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