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How to get a license?



(paste from a previous msg)


Until i put out an update with the paypal api change, it'll have to be the old fashion way.

1.  on the main keyclone page, click the 'support the author' button and donate $19.99

2.  send me a private message either here, email (, discord (tiny#3058), or by calling

3.  please include your email address and system-id you would like activated (please copy/paste the id)

4.  once i get the information, i'll create the license and you'll be set.

5.  restart keyclone


the slow down will be the lag for me to receive the information.  sorry about that.

if you have any issues, i'm on discord most days (all day), tho i may be bouncing around other servers.  just drop me a note and i should get it.  if you need a walk thru, i'm more than happy to help you out (discord would make it very easy as well). 

if your first language isn't english, that's ok.  we can work with it (my family is Scottish so deciphering unknown foreign tongues was required to talk w/ my uncles)

chat with you soon,

tiny  (aka  Rob)

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